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A Non-Profit Dedicated to Business Innovation.

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About RCI

Mission: Empower entrepreneurs with the resources, support, and connections they need to realize their dreams. 

Vision: Establish a thriving, interconnected business community where every entrepreneur has the opportunity to flourish, creating a ripple effect of innovation, collaboration, and prosperity in Huntsville, Alabama, and beyond

Our non-profit contributes to building a culture of entrepreneurship in Huntsville. This culture can have a ripple effect, encouraging future generations to embrace innovation and take risks. By fostering connections between participants, mentors, local businesses, and the community at large, the programs create a supportive network that can have long-lasting positive effects.

Discover Our Programs

Youth Entrepreneurship

Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators

We are fostering a generation of entrepreneurs ready to leave an indelible mark on the economic and social tapestry of our community. Through hands-on experiences, tailored mentorship, and a commitment to real-world application, Empowering Tomorrow's Innovators stands as a beacon of innovation education, guiding participants towards tangible success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Business Incubator

Frank J Williams' Dream Tank

The Business Accelerator Program Is Rocket City Innovator's business incubator program providing emerging business owners with a supportive environment to nurture their startups. Through this initiative, entrepreneurs gain access to workspace, mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to accelerate their ventures.

Culinary Entrepreneurship

Cultivating Culinary Excellence

The Cultivating Culinary Excellence Program is for aspiring chefs and culinary enthusiasts, Our culinary entrepreneurship program offers training, guidance, and resources to help them succeed in the culinary world. From culinary skills to business management, we provide a comprehensive platform for culinary entrepreneurs to thrive.

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Our Impact

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